Military Communications Conference
29 November–2 December 2021 // San Diego, CA, USA // In–Person Conference
Enabling All-Domain C2 and Communications

Unclassified Technical Papers

The Unclassified Technical Paper Program consists of peer-reviewed papers organized in technical sessions in five tracks.

Track 1 - Waveforms and Signal Processing (12 sessions)

Track 2 - Networking Protocols and Performance (5 sessions)

Track 3 - Cyber Security and Trusted Computing (7 sessions)

Track 4 - Architectures, Applications, and System of Systems Perspectives (7 sessions)

Track 5 - Special Topics in Military Communication (6 sessions)

Special Session on Internet of Battlefield Things (IoBT)
Special Session on NATO and Other Coalition Operations
Special Session on Named Data Networking (NDN)
Special Session on Network Localization and Navigation
Special Session on Propagation Modeling for Military Communications

Restricted Technical Program includes two technical sessions and one restricted panel.

Approximately 165 high quality papers have been accepted including approximately 20 invited papers. Each accepted paper received at least three reviews following the publication guidelines from IEEE.

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